Shipping & Returns Rules

Terms of delivery and return Customers, who purchase a membership online, will receive a service purchase confirmation email with login details for their account within minutes. After that a fingerprint must be linked to the customer by the sport club administration and the customer is good to go. E-account (auto-scan) membership and one-time membership is automatically activated on the day of purchase. Visitors, who purchase a standard monthly membership, must activate it within 7 calendar days. Annual memberships that are paid for in full right away must be activated within 6 months from the date of payment. If the visitor does not start to attend the Sports Club within the specified time limit, the standard monthly membership is automatically activated on the 8TH day and the annual membership (for which the full amount is paid right away) is automatically activated on the 181ST day and the countdown of the remaining time starts. Customers who have purchased a solarium membership must use it within 12 months, regardless of the duration of the subscription. Annual memberships of Solariums with E-Account can be used up to 2 times a week for up to 15 minutes under EU Health Regulations. (Sports Club is not obliged to provide longer period or higher number of uses). Customers who purchase fit roll memberships must use them: 1 time per week, 10 times per 60 calendar days, 20 times per 90 calendar days. Customers who have purchased a fit roll membership for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months with E-Account (periodic debit), has access to 20 hours of massage each month until the expiration of the Agreement. If the Customer wishes to upgrade the membership from a cheaper one to a more expensive one, the Customer must cover the difference of membership prices according to the prices that are in effect at the Sports Club on the day on which the membership is changed. If the membership is downgraded a more expensive to a cheaper one, the price difference is not refunded. Students, pupils, and seniors who wish to take advantage of the special discount intended for them must submit a document, that entitles them to a discount, at the time of the registration. Customers, who have purchased a membership are not entitled to a refund, except in cases when the Customer was unable to use the services of the sports club due to the fault of the sports club and in other cases specified by the legislation. Fit roll massage and tanning services is provided just on administration working hours.